What is Stay Planner

Stay Planner is a digital concierge platform helping you understand your guests and engage with them like never before. It offers your guests on-demand access to all information and serves as a booking engine for your additional services, such as spa treatments and room service. It comes with a sophisticated communication module to facilitate more meaningful relationships with your guests and lets you gather and respond to real-time feedback, before it's published anywhere else.

Why Stay Planner

When it comes to hospitality, the days when guests were satisfied with “service with a smile” are a thing of the past. Today’s millennial traveler needs a flexible, bespoke e-concierge service that’s available 24/7, in multiple languages, on any device. That’s where Stay Planner comes in. By applying leading-edge mobile and analytical technologies to the hospitality experience, Stay Planner lets hotels, cruise ships, resorts, and managed properties of all kinds provide guests with “above and beyond” service – effectively and affordably. What makes us a cut above other digital concierge services? Let’s take a closer look!

Drive up-sales

Promote your activities, notify guests of offers, partner with tour operators & local attractions

Improve guest experience

Offer access to all information anytime, free your guests to build their own itineraries, eliminate queues

Stay in touch

Communicate with guests at the push of a button, receive and react to feedback, before it hits rating sites 

Reduce costs

Minimise pressure on your staff, improve your forecasting & resource planning, reduce last minute cancellations, never print a brochure again 

Booking, not viewing

Allow guests to book services offered by you anywhere, at any time, in any language

Know your guests

Innovative analytics allow you to build individual relationships and customize each guest’s experience by accessing each guest’s historical data


Our clients

Whether your business is a hotel, a travel company, or anything in between, Stay Planner’s leading-edge technology, user-friendly interface, and endless options for customisation add value, helping you build better customer relationships by improving communication and enhancing the guest experience.

Hotels and Resorts

Stay Planner’s flexibility is designed to help you improve business – no matter what kind of business you run. Managing a large resort comes with its own unique set of challenges. Stay Planner simultaneously helps increase revenue and delight guests.

Luxury Hotels

High-end hotels and resorts particularly appreciate the way Stay Planner’s digital concierge services help their butlers delight guests while affording them maximum privacy, but that’s just a sample of what Stay Planner offers luxury proprietors.


Cruise Ships

Today’s smart cruise ships are fitted out with the latest technology, ranging from high definition televisions to tablets and smartphones. It takes a uniquely flexible digital concierge application to tie it all together, and that’s where Stay Planner comes in.

Managed Properties

Guests at long-stay hotels, service apartments, condominiums, and timeshare have their own requirements. And let’s face it – nobody knows the area around your property quite like you and your staff. First-hand knowledge of the local scene is what makes traditional concierges popular with long-term guests, and Stay Planner brings that relationship into the digital age and puts your expertise at your guests’ fingertips.

How it works

The Stay Planner platform consists of an intuitive, cloud-based administration console (with a built-in CMS), integration API and a set of guest-facing apps. The apps can be delivered as a universal or branded app on your guests’ own devices or as an in-room tablet app. There’s no need to limit yourself – we’ve designed Stay Planner with maximum flexibility in mind, so that you can “mix and match” – allowing guests to choose their preferred option at no extra cost.

Guest facing mobile apps

Our mobile apps are the main contact points between your establishment and your guests. Apps can be delievered either on guests' own devices or your in-room tablets.

Integration API

Our integration system allows our platform to exchange information with your existing PMS or POS solutions.

Administration Console

The heart of the Stay Planner system is our Administration Console and CMS. This backend system is included in the subscription fee and is fully controlled by you.

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