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A step closer to the EyeforTravel Startup & Innovation Award

Stay Planner qualified to the top ten start-ups to compete for the EyeforTravel Innovation Award 2017.

Making the most of tech disruptors in travel


Tech disrupters like Airbnb and TripAdvisor are here to stay. So are they all bad news or can we make them work for us?

Stay Planner is an Innovator according to Info-Tech Research Group

Concierge bell

Our obsession with innovation and feedback-based development has just been recognised by Info-Tech Research Group. 

Stay Planner is up for EyeforTravel’s Startup & Innovation Award!

EyeforTravel Awards

WooHoo! We are very excited to announce Stay Planner is up for EyeforTravel's Startup & Innovation in Travel Award!

Stay Planner is going to ITB Berlin 2017!

ITB Berlin 2017

We're very excited to be going to ITB Berlin next week! Would you like to meet us there? 

Gen Xers more addicted to tech than the Millennials!

"Generation X" Millennials "applications adoption rates" "Travel app adoption rates"

It seems Gen Xers are actually consuming tech just as much as the Millennials or more! Which bodes very well for travel app adoption rates!

Stay Planner is going to Web Summit!

Stay Planner at Web Summit #traveltech

We are very excited to announce Stay Planner has been selected to participate in the ALPHA startup track at Web Summit 2017!

2017 Travel Tech Trend 7: Voice Recognition

Voice recognition Siri Cortana google now

How do you feel about voice recognition in travel and hospitality? What about your guests? Is it hear already (see what I did there?) or is it still a thing of the future? 

2017 Travel Tech Trend 6: I can read your mind (and it’s a bit scary)

Analytics, know your guests, guest profiling

Knowing your guests is key, but stalking them on social media is a step too far. Here are a few thoughts on how technology can help you understand what really matters to your guests, without learning what their cat is called in the process. 

2017 Travel Tech Trend 5: Experiential Travel

Experiential travel

It's not about where you go, it's about what you do while there (and what you post on Facebook).

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