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By Kasia Pankowska

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The Millennials are here, and they brought their smartphones with them, obviously. Wifi (and battery life) is at the very basis of the new pyramid of needs and access to any information, anytime, anywhere is our birthright. recently conducted a mammoth of research, asking 13,000 respondents in 13 markets about their preferences while traveling. It turns out 44% of holidaymakers expect to be able to plan their holiday on their mobile devices, and 52% expect they will use travel apps even more frequently in 2017. 

And that is another great news for Stay Planner! 

Better still, it seems the Millennials are not ones for chit-chat. They would much rather text than have a proper conversation. With tools like Stay Planner, they don't even have to text. A couple of swipes, and boom, a massage is booked and room service ordered. And not a word had to be spoken!

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Let's talk about this

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