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By Kasia Pankowska

Feedback and Review

Every single hotelier we talk to starts to fidget nervously at the first mention of online reviews. 

Reviews seem to be the single biggest concern on their minds, and they can make or break any hotel. I’d even risk saying the higher your current review score, the more pressure you are under to maintain it, and the more demanding your guests is likely to be. They’ve done their research, and those towels better be the fluffiest in the world!

Luckily, technology can come to the rescue once again. 

There are lots of great tools out there that help hotels manage their online presence, respond to negative feedback, and try to win reputations back. 

At Stay Planner we like to look at it from a completely different perspective though. We believe once a negative feedback is already out there and making waves on the Internet, you are too late. 

We prefer to step in earlier and let you make sure a negative feedback doesn’t become a negative review in the first place. 

We’ve made it very easy for guests to feedback on their whole stay and particular activities they enjoyed (or more importantly: didn’t enjoy). This way, guests can vent their sorrows directly to the hotel management, and the hotel management can manage feedback immediately, while the guests are still on-site, and can be won back with a well-timed complimentary bottle of bubbly. 

Oh, and there’s a nifty little tool to help you report on feedbacks over time, and improve quality quarter on quarter. 

Everybody wins. 

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