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We love theme parks. Full of thrilling rides, play areas and games centres, surrounded by beautiful scenery are a fantastic idea for a holiday destination for family or group of friends. Theme parks are becoming increasingly popular every year so there is plenty to choose from. This time we present five parks from United States and each one has something different to offer. From hyper-fast roller coasters, through safari experiences to bathing in chocolate; modern theme parks are full of vast variety of entertainment. There truly is something for everyone.

Busch Gradens, two locations: Virginia and Florida

Busch Gardens Tampa

One of those few theme parks in the world which manage to strike a spot-on balance between thrilling rides and the green areas of calm and peace. Busch Gardens in Tampa is like a piece of savanna in North America. You can hire a 4x4 and go on a safari or try a massive wooden roller coaster Gwazi with double loops and reaching speeds of 50mph. In Busch Gardens, Virginia among tons of wildlife and nature attractions there is the Apollo’s Carriage, a ride known for it’s enormous heights.

Cedar Point, Ohio

Cedar Point Park

Cedar Point is a heaven and paradise for all adrenaline junkies out there. Not for the faint hearted. There are 15 super fast behemoth roller coasters and a sea of smaller, but equally thrilling rides. In fact, Cedar Point has the biggest number of rides of all the theme parks. And the highest of them all, Wicked Twister offers a amazing feeling of spinning in the air with no gravity and zooms at colossal speeds on a track’s spaghetti. Theme park is also home of Snoopy and Peanuts rides and attractions, which offer great choices for all younger enthusiasts.

Disney World, Florida

Disney World Florida

We have all heard of this one. It’s the first thought that comes to most people’s minds when they hear theme park. There is no other way of saying it - Disney World has nailed it. Everything is here. And it’s bigger, higher. faster, louder and more colourful. Rides, games centres, restaurants, bars, water parks, picnic areas, zoo, cinemas, theatres, education centres and giant Mickey Mice and Sleeping Princesses walking around and engaging with visitors. A must-go place for everyone.

Hersheypark, Pennsylvania

Chocolate World Hershey

The king of chocolate, Milton Hershey has founded a town of Hershey in 1903. Since then, it’s been a place where famous Hershey Chocolate is produced to this day. The town calls itself a sweeter place on Earth. It’s also a home to a Hershey Theme Park offering a tour of Hershey’s Chocolate World where you can see the entire chocolate production process and, naturally, do some shopping in the on-site store. There are several amazing rides too, and the one to look for is Roller Soaker, an thrilling combination of water and air rides. The theme park another great attraction for chocolate aficionados. It is a chocolate spa full of chocolate experiences such as chocolate foam baths, immersions in chocolate fondue or cocoa peelings.

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