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In 2015 the sales of smartphones have reached 1.4 billion units worldwide. Two top manufacturers are Apple and Samsung, while Huawei and Lenovo are also noting record sales. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the only two main smartphone operating system that count nowadays. There are others but in minuscule numbers, not large enough to be any significant to the app industry. Because it is the app industry, and the constant rise of popularity of apps among the millennial generation that is driving the sales of smartphones across the globe. After all, without the apps, smartphone is, well just a phone. And we had those already. Nowadays, apps are king. Out there, are many hugely popular apps for banking, jogging, healthy lifestyles, shopping, reading, watching TV, playing games, navigating, you name it. Apps are everywhere and they are the present and the future.

What all of it has to do with the travel industry? Well, in one word, a lot. For a modern traveler, apps are their first points of contact for all things. Whether it is looking up holiday destinations, reading reviews, booking flights, renting hire cars, sharing information with family and friends or shopping for holiday equipment.  Myself, I’m a millennial, one of those people born in the age of internet and I am so used to it I can’t even begin to imagine my everyday life without it.  I love to travel and see the world too. Internet is my first point of contact. My smartphone gives me an instant access via apps and provides a quick and convenient way of solving my holiday dilemmas.  Where to go on holiday, where to stay, how to get there, what to do while I’m there etc, etc. This is only the beginning because the possibilities are endless.
Travel industry is beginning to realise the importance of smartphones and tablets but the process is slow. Whoever adapts faster, has a much higher chance of attracting the coming wave of millennial travellers. We already account for 20% of all of international travel and this number is only going to rise. Modern travellers not only demand an instant online access everywhere, but also smart solutions on how to make our stay the way we want it. This process is already happening and it is an natural evolution for many industries, not only tourism. The clever thing to do is to adapt and plan ahead so you’re prepared for the next wave. The future is here.

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