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According to the survey by HRS booking platform, 34% of hotels guests would prefer to have the option of self-service via smartphone or tablet in the hotel they are staying at. Nowadays, smartphones are tablets are indispensable travel companions for vast majority of travellers. Fraunhofer IAO has published a report indicating that hotels cannot afford to overlook the personal technology trend and need to adapt in order to survive in the future. With the introduction of contactless payments via smartphones, the devices are becoming even more irreplaceable. Market research organisation Millward Brown checked how many people use smartphones daily. A staggering 96.1% of 18-65 year olds use their smartphones every day, whereas at least 72% use them for purposes other than phoning and texting. These include social media, online shopping, media streaming, online booking and other activities.

More and more, hotels are beginning to realise the trends and act accordingly by introducing technologies enhancing guest experience. Self check-in kiosks, room doors unlockable with smartphone, self-service apps for booking extras and activities, these are few examples of how hotels are leveraging on personal tech devices carried by their guests.
Incorporating modern technology into hotel’s life results in benefits for both hotels and guests. Comfortable self check-in means no queues at the reception desk and happier customers who do not have to wait in the line after a long haul flight. Self-service applications, such as Stay Planner, allow guests to browse and book ancillaries in the comfort of their room without the need to queue to the reception desk or spend significant amount of time listening to options via phone. Stay Planner shows all ancillaries available during the guest’s stay and makes it easy to choose and book within seconds. By offering various payment option such as credit cards and Pay Pal it makes organising the stay convenient and quick. No queues, no irritation. Thanks to self service apps hotel staff has more time to focus on delivering outstanding customer service to every guests, making them feel welcome and happy.

Modern hotels are becoming central information hubs for their guests. Places where people can connect their smartphones and tablets and be served valuable information which will allow them to plan and organise their time easier and more efficiently. Business travellers can focus on their agenda and leisure guests can enjoy their holiday without stress and aggravation. With the use of their own devices, guests feel more in control of their stay and can dedicate it to things that matter to them. Whether it is in-room dining, exploration of local attractions, local transportation (directions and mapping), travel guides/trip planning, spa appointments, recreational activity scheduling or access to exclusive offers, self service apps make it all possible. In addition to providing rapid access to comprehensive listing of guest services, restaurant and theatre reservations, local attractions and transportation, news and sports updates, and the like, self-service applications can also include enabling reservations for a return visit or reservations at an affiliated property.

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