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In the very recent study conducted by Expedia, the smartphone has been named as the most indispensable item to take while travelling. It came on top of things like a toothbrush or a driving licence! The study have shown that both smartphones and tablets are used across an entire range of travel activities. From planning and organising, through taking pictures and checking locations, to sharing experiences via social media. If you think about it for a moment, this is actually an interesting insight into what the world of tourism industry is, or at least should be, changing towards. Travellers demand an online accessibility on the spot, and they already carry the means to do it. Times when heavy, power hungry laptops were the only way to get online while being mobile, are gone. Tablets and smartphones have taken over. Light, portable and easy to use. Able to go for hours and hours on a single charge. If this is not enough, cheap power banks quickly and conveniently allow to double the battery life while we are on a beach or wandering those old cobbled streets, sightseeing.

Together with the popularity of smartphones and tablets, modern travellers are voting with their wallets. They have bought the smartphone. Now they want to use it wherever possible. Hotels and tourist attractions are beginning to realise this trend and are slowly adapting their processes to take advantage of the modern technology. Internet booking systems, advertising, reviews, presence on Google Maps etc., all these elements contribute towards creation of a better online presence for the hotel, and send a clear message to the new wave of travellers: come to us, we are smartphone ready!

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