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The 2015 tourism trends have shown that the luxury travel sector is changing. Busy travelers are expecting more from their destinations hotels; they want them to be one-stop shops which will fulfill all the needs. Particularly, people are now looking for authentic, local experiences and are expecting that hotels will come up with ideas. The experiences that a hotel can provide depend on the location and it is always a good idea to leverage on what the specific region has to offer. City hotels can provide unique and exciting ways of sightseeing or dinning in unusual and unexpected locations. More secluded hotels can give their guests experiences unique to the area such as innovative ways of exploring and discovering.

As keen travelers ourselves, we are always searching for hotels which offer unique experiences. Something that will attract us enough to pay them a visit. For instance, an experience of living on a horse ranch offered by a boutique hotel in the southern mountains of Eastern Europe. Hotels know that leveraging on the local folklore and traditions can have a big impact on their guests. Sometimes, the region itself is enough to attract plenty of attention but it does not harm to add an own, unique twist to it. A hotel in Tasmania, island know for its oysters, is offering an innovative way of dinning combined with oyster shucking.

Hotels which offer a range of activities and experiences are more likely to have guests returning to them and bringing more guest with them. Fact. We have done this ourselves. Amazed by what a particular hotel had to offer, we did not hesitate to spread the word among relatives and friends and returned to the location hungry for more. In other words, unique experiences create unique memories. The memories that are passed on, talked about and shared on social media for a long time after the holidays have finished.


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