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2017 Travel Tech Trend 4: On Demand

On demand

“I Want It All - And I Want It Delivered”. Bette Midler was well ahead of time when she said it, but it seems she spoke for all the Millennials out there.

2017 Travel Tech Trend 3: Staycation

Staycation activities

With staycation becoming more and more popular, here are a few thoughts on how technology can help you make sure it's still exciting (and Facebook-worthy). 

2017 Travel Tech Trend 2: Review is King

Feedback and Review

Online reviews seem to be the single biggest concern on hoteliers' minds, and they can make or break any hotel. Here's how you can make sure a negative feedback doesn’t become a negative review, and how you can manage them in the long run.

2017 Travel Tech Trend 1: “Off-the-Grid” Destinations

2016 has been an absolutely fantastic year for us here at Stay Planner! We had about a zillion inspiring conversations with innumerable hoteliers, and now the time has come to sum up what the common themes were and try to work out what 2017 will bring to travel technology. Over the next seven days, we will share one future trend a day, plus a couple of reasons why we feel we’re in the right place at the right time. 

The Millennial travel trends 2017

Compass arrow pointing toward word Trend

The Millennials are here. Born between 1980-2000 they are the largest generation to date - there are 79 million of them in the US alone. Here is what you need to know about them and why it is important to make sure your hotel or travel business is ready to cater to their needs and wants.

This blog is based on a report recently published by Expedia and a discussion facilitated during the 2017 Millennial 20/20, a conference dedicated to the future of next generation commerce. 

81% of travellers say their smartphone is their number one travel accessory.

Smartphone is top travel companion

According to, during your summer holiday you will spend more time playing with your smartphone than using a beach chair. The global study of 9,200 tourists across 31 countries reveals just how many people have chosen their phone as the most important travel companion. On average, we spend 2-2.5 hours per day sunbathing compared to 3 hours using a smartphone for taking pictures, checking emails, playing games, watching videos, reading news and using social media. Interestingly, 6% of voters spend more than 7 hours pre day engaging with their phone.

How technology is affecting travel

Smartphone with travel and airline tickets

We travel all around the world but it is in our own pockets where the main technology changes are happening. Use of mobile devices is skyrocketing. During 2014 flight searches from mobile devices have raised by over 150 percent according to the company. Mobiles are becoming more and more important, especially as last minute and in-destination booking providers. We look at major travel areas where technology is already making a big change. Needless to say these trends are growing rapidly and have a profound impact on how we think about and use tech during travel.

Hotels' branding frenzy tastes vanilla Part 1

Vanilla sponge cake

Imagine you woke up in a room of a random brand hotel. If all the leaflets were removed from the room, would you know which hotel you are in? And how about it’s lobby? If you were asked to close your eyes, then someone would help you through the door and sit you on a sofa, you opened your eyes, would you know which hotel’s brand it’s this lobby? With very few exceptions, I know I wouldn’t have a clue. I guess I could tell what class of establishment it was, whether it's budget, luxury, boutique etc but that’s pretty much it. And that's not good.

Self-service apps are now and future

Woman browsing apps in hotel room

According to the survey by HRS booking platform, 34% of hotels guests would prefer to have the option of self-service via smartphone or tablet in the hotel they are staying at. Nowadays, smartphones are tablets are indispensable travel companions for vast majority of travellers. Fraunhofer IAO has published a report indicating that hotels cannot afford to overlook the personal technology trend and need to adapt in order to survive in the future. With the introduction of contactless payments via smartphones, the devices are becoming even more irreplaceable.

Hotels’ WiFi should be as reliable as the hot running water in the bathroom

Frustration not working wifi

A study by wireless provider iPass has revealed that guests value reliable hotel WiFi almost as much as they value a comfortable bed and 81% said they had experienced poor WiFi in a hotel over the past year. Zhone Technologies, a company which installs super fast broadband in hotels claims that even up to 90% of hotels are offering their guests weak to mediocre wireless Internet. So guests value fast and reliable wireless connection more than almost anything else and hotels keep failing to deliver.

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