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Smartphones are selling better than computers but what does it mean if you're a business?

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Lenovo, one of the largest producers of consumer electronic has published sales figures and they give us something to think about. Lenovo is now selling more smartphones than personal computers. In the last year’s last quarter Lenovo has shipped 15.8m smartphones compared to 14.5m personal computers. This is a staggering 1.3m difference over only three months!

5 amazing theme parks in US


We love theme parks. Full of thrilling rides, play areas and games centres, surrounded by beautiful scenery are a fantastic idea for a holiday destination for family or group of friends. Theme parks are becoming increasingly popular every year so there is plenty to choose from. This time we present five parks from United States and each one has something different to offer. From hyper-fast roller coasters, through safari experiences to bathing in chocolate; modern theme parks are full of vast variety of entertainment. There truly is something for everyone.

What does it mean to be millenials-ready, hi-tech hotel?

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Well, for starters it does not necessarily mean LCD interface screens scattered around the room. Not that there is anything wrong with it. By all means, if your hotel feels the urge to install LCDs in rooms and bathrooms then do so. What it actually means to be a hi-tech hotel nowadays is to be a central connection hub for your guests to use and enjoy.

People prefer one app for all hotels rather than a clutter of branded hotel apps

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According to survey by Hilton, only about 7% of hotel guests use hotel branded apps and keep them on their devices. In other words, all the time, money and effort which hotels invest into developing their own branded applications result in a tiny number of guests actually using them, and even less guests keeping them on their phones. There is a simple reason why this is happening.

Attention hotels, smartphone sales are booming!

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In 2015 the sales of smartphones have reached 1.4 billion units worldwide. Two top manufacturers are Apple and Samsung, while Huawei and Lenovo are also noting record sales. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the only two main smartphone operating system that count nowadays. There are others but in minuscule numbers, not large enough to be any significant to the app industry. Because it is the app industry, and the constant rise of popularity of apps among the millennial generation that is driving the sales of smartphones across the globe.

Modern travelers value seamless online access to everything

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Nowadays the guests value convenience and quick access more than the traditional ways of access to hotel services. The explosion in popularity of Airbnb can be seen as an interesting lesson for the entire hospitality sector, particularly hotels. It has shown that modern travellers are moving away from traditional face-to-face type services offered by the hotels towards an instant online access to everything. I have recently travelled to Barcelona and stayed in a local hotel.

Travel idea: 5 options for the winter break in Norway

Norway is a beautiful country all year round, but there is something extra special about it in the winter. Towns and villages are covered in snow and present a beautiful scenery to our eyes. The magnificent northern lights create an amazing, magic spectacle in the sky. People are warm and friendly and the tourist infrastructure is superb. Norway truly is a great alternative to Alpine resorts for all winter fans out there. We thought we might help you to decide what to do so here are five ideas on how to spend a winter break in Norway.

Travel gadgets corner: Handy travel charging solutions.

This time we present several alternative ways of charging your smartphone or tablet while traveling. The out of the box chargers are great when there is an access to the electricity grid but, as we all know, this is not always the case. Especially, when being on holiday. Even if we can charge our smartphone in the hotel room, we are, more often than not, away from it for the lengths of an entire day.

Smartphone is now the most indispensible travel companion!

Smartphone is most indispensable travel companion

In the very recent study conducted by Expedia, the smartphone has been named as the most indispensable item to take while travelling. It came on top of things like a toothbrush or a driving licence! The study have shown that both smartphones and tablets are used across an entire range of travel activities. From planning and organising, through taking pictures and checking locations, to sharing experiences via social media. If you think about it for a moment, this is actually an interesting insight into what the world of tourism industry is, or at least should be, changing towards.

Tourists expect unique experiences

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The 2015 tourism trends have shown that the luxury travel sector is changing. Busy travelers are expecting more from their destinations hotels; they want them to be one-stop shops which will fulfill all the needs. Particularly, people are now looking for authentic, local experiences and are expecting that hotels will come up with ideas. The experiences that a hotel can provide depend on the location and it is always a good idea to leverage on what the specific region has to offer.

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