Smart cruise ships

Today’s smart cruise ships are fitted out with the latest technology, ranging from high definition televisions to tablets and smartphones. It takes a uniquely flexible digital concierge application to tie it all together, and that’s where Stay Planner comes in. Here are just a few of the ways that Stay Planner can help cruise ship proprietors offer a five-star customer experience:

No more queues

By enabling your passengers to access all information, all the time while browsing and booking extra activities on their tablets and smartphones, you make sure they can spend their time enjoying themselves instead of queuing up or dealing with reception. 

Smarter communication

Imagine being able to send a notification to all your passengers with one click, or send a message to all the passengers in a particular group or even just a few selected cabins at once – in any language and at any time. Stay Planner makes it easy, and it’s about to get even easier – we’re launching a live chat service in Q4 of 2016.

Target the right passengers

Stay Planner lets you alert passengers with pop-up notifications about special events and promotions, as well as stream bespoke content to their smartphones and tablets.

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