High-end hotels and resorts

High-end hotels and resorts particularly appreciate the way Stay Planner’s digital concierge services help their butlers delight guests while affording them maximum privacy, but that’s just a sample of what Stay Planner offers luxury proprietors – read on to see what else it can do:

Communicate more easily

Stay Planner is perfect for keeping in touch with guests staying in over-water bungalows and villas scattered across large areas. And because it works in multiple languages, there’s no need for a multilingual staff.  


Offer a desert-island experience

The app lets guests stay in touch, browse offers, and purchase services – without compromising privacy 

Know your guests

Stay Planner offers a powerful analytics tool to help you build a profile of each of your guests, understand what they are interested in, and make relevant suggestions for each of them. For returning guests, you can analyse information on the activities they enjoyed in their past stays and make suggestions accordingly, offering the extra personalised touch. 

Get smart

The app can be used to operate smart-room features, dimming lights, closing curtains, and streaming bespoke content to your guests’ smartphones and tablets. Guests can even use their devices as room keys, giving them more time to enjoy your facilities instead of queueing at reception. 

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