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As a villa operator, you are facing a very unique challenge. The villas in your portfolio are often as luxurious as 5* hotels and you are known for being able to offer a much more personalised experience. However, your business model means you do not have as much staff on the ground as hotels do. Still, your guests expect the same impeccable level of service they have grown accustomed to during their stays in luxury hotels in the past.

Stay Planner already works with several villa operators to bridge the gap is services offered by luxury hotels and villas. We can help you connect with your guests, support them every step of the way, and ultimately offer them the same level of concierge care that is provided by your 5* competitors.

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Be ready in advance

Be ready in advance

Stay Planner allows guests to make requests (including groceries and other necessities) well in advance of their stay, giving management ample time to prepare. 

Get your partners involved

Get your partners involved

Guests can make reservations in onsite facilities as well as facilities provided by your partners and third parties – with equal ease. 

Provide information

Provide up-to-the-minute info

Provide your guests with detailed information about events in the vicinity, weather forecasts, and other vital information during their stay.

Share what you know

Share what you know

Stay Planner gives your guests the possibility to choose vacation activities based on the knowledgeable recommendations of you and your staff, creating a memorable experience for them.  

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